She got to Rueben's party early but David was an accidental meeting waiting to happen. When she shook his hand his eyes were smiling and she figured she had already found her party.

Here is the thing about David, she says. I would love to describe his wonderfully corny sweater or his crumpled trousers and rumpled wake up hair in all directions. Only of course none of this is true. He is a wonderfully nondescript man, brown hair fading into the crowd. I barely noticed him at first, she says, Except for his eyes, and the ridiculous things he said with crazy gravity. Except for the secrets he kept winking at me without interrupting the flow of his smooth party voice.

I did not know I could ever have fallen so easily into someone like that, she says. Neither did he. All night was talking and eyes, no uncomfortable silences at all. He walked me home and I expect you to assume this next part was natural, because it was. Of course I let him sleep on the couch, she says. Of course I invited him to Lea’s party the next night. Of course I woke up smiling.


Pee Ess, she says. I got to Rueben's party early but David was already waiting. His eyes were smiling and they were saying Hello lovely fool where have you been all this time.

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