Everything is hazy, like walking in a dream. Your words spin cobwebs that catch my thoughts and trap them, make them yours. This power you have is intoxicating. I do not have to speak around you; you already know.

Your soulful eyes drink up the world around you and me, too. I feel as though I am sinking into the quicksand of your soul, consumed by you. Soft, so soft, your eyes cradle me and comfort in ways you cannot imagine.

Oh, it's all so lovely with you, darling, everything always just so. You live in a rose-colored bubble, and are generous enough to share a piece of it with me. How can a shabby soul like mine ever live up to it? I do not see the world as you see it. I take it for granted.

I took you for granted. And now all I have are these lovely, hazy dreams...

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