Do you remember the old NES game Pro Wrestling?

You don't?

Well, if you did, you would surely remember where you were the first time you won a round and saw the text it displays when you win.


I tell you, the first time I ever saw that I about spewed Hi-C Ecto Cooler all over the den floor. Could they do a worse job of translating it? Maybe just run it by an English speaking person first? Ever since then, its been a catch phrase of sorts- Showing up on message boards and the like, usually along with a screen cap like the one at

I rescued my own nodeshell. Are you happy?

In Pokémon Gold & Silver, there's an apparently foreign person called Earl, who has rather weak English skills. He speaks sort of like Yoda.

His greatest line: "What you want to know? Want to be a winner is you?" (emphasis mine.)

I think Nintendo put that thing there on purpose for us old NES gamers, but I don't think the kids today get the reference =)

Jay Digital says: "A winner is you!" was an old injoke at the time. A few of the people there had connections to Nintendo - rumour has it that they snuck in the reference as a tip of the hat to the newsgroup. The line specifically was in all capitals, "A WINNER IS YOU", and was used in the newsgroup as an (often sarcastic) phrase of congratulations.

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