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The newest Imperial starfighter, the A-9 Vigilance Interceptor first saw action against New Republic forces during the events that led to the return of the Emperor.

The ship was first introduced 5 years after the death of the Emperor. The Empire was looking for a new starfighter. Kuat Drive Yards then designed the A-9 Vigilance. Strangely enough, the fighter had no shields or hyperdrive. While this would be perfectly normal 6 years earlier, 5 years after the death of the Emperor most ships had shields and hyperdrives. The A-9 was less than fantastic, in fact it's hull was significantly weaker than a TIE Interceptor, and it lacked good weapons. While a couple Imperial Factions did place orders, the ship soon fell into New Republic hands. Although the New Republic forces didn't add the A-9 to active service (for obvious reasons), it did research it. The NR was not impressed by the fighter, but does plan to incorporate some A-9 designs into its future starfighters.

Partial credit to swdatabase.com.

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