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A.C. Green, Jr. is one of the living legends of basketball. Retiring in 2002, A.C was part of the 1999-2000 Lakers championship team. In 1999, he earned the NBA's Ironman title after playing his 1000th consecutive game which definitively won over Randy Smith's 907 consecutive games

Simply named A.C. (which doesn't stand for anything stand for anything), after his father (also whose initials don't stand for anything), he was born in 1963 in Portland, Oregon. In the early 1980's he was accepted to Oregon State where he became the 1984 Pac-10 Player of the Year and led his team to the NCAA Playoffs three times, including the "final eight". A.C. spent all four years at Oregon State and attained a degree in Speech Communication.

After college, he was then drafted onto the Los Angeles Lakers in 1985 as a first-round draft pick. He moved up to the starting line-up in 1986 and became the first rookie since LeRoy Ellis to be in every game. During the 86-87 and 87-88 he played for the Lakers "Showtime" championships.

In 1993 A.C. was traded to the Phoenix Suns. In 1996 he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks and then back to the Lakers for the 1999-2000 Season. Before his retirement he spent a season with the Miami Heat.

Two of A.C.'s defining characteristics is that he is a born-again Christian and he is heavily involved in youth organizations. Green goes to schools across the country and talks to teenagers about abstinence.

Green became a Christian while attending OSU. One of Green's friends, Greg Ball, was holding a revival at the campus and Green made a decision to became a born-again Christian. Even while he was in the pros A.C. continued to pray and read his Bible everyday.

At the end of his career A.C. Green had played 1,192 consecutive games. In 2002 he married Veronique Green and is undoubtedly abstinent no longer. He heads up the A.C. Green Youth Foundation. A.C.'s business endeavors include ownership in several Denny's restaurants, a Hyundai dealership and a sports drink, Bio Sport.

A.C. Green leaves a legacy of being an incredible athlete and an incredible person.

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