A few years ago, when we were young and dumb, we used to throw the word 'gay' around a lot. We'd randomly call each other 'gay', as well as using the term to describe various other things such as classes, web sites, etc. Well, due to the wonder of ICQ, one of my friends accidentally sent it as 'agy' instead. Thus the term was born

These days, i really try to get away from abusing the word 'gay'. I hear it so much, sometimes i'll blurt it out. But then i feel shitty... One of my best friends is a lesbian, and although she doesnt care if i say it (she says it too, jokingly), if she heard it in a crowd it might bother her. So in honor of her, and other homosexual people around, I have started substituting 'agy' in its place. It's doubly funny becuase the UC Davis mascot is an 'aggie'. No one I know of knows what this means but it seems pretty 'agy'.

Now we use the word agy to describe anything that sucks or is weak, or someone who we think is dumb or annoying. It won't offend anyone, and you get the added bonus of making everyone else wonder what you're talking about. So far its caught on in a message board or two, as well as many random people in California.

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