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To see with eyes unclouded (by hate)... to allow others to experience the way i see the world. To spread knowledge of plants, and fire, and weather.
punk rock, snowboarding, plants, weather, wandering California, standing in the rain, lighting fires...
National Park Service
sometimes i think im the only one who feels like going nowhere's like giving up - less than jake

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Sorry, I'm not correcting spelling and grammar errors in my nodes, or changing them at all, for that matter. I know they are imperfect, after all, I wrote them 5 years ago. Thanks for reading them, though.

Well, i havent really been around here much anymore. I could say i've been busy, or ive moved on to other web pages. and those things might be true. But the truth is, this website is the past, this website is so full of hopes and dreams and realizations from a part of me who is now gone. My nodes are a little frozen piece of my life, one i feel it would be sacreligious to disturb.

The fires have all burned out, and Jepson and Daria have gone their seperate ways. It was inevitable, as much so as that their paths would meet and intertwine in such a strong way. Daria made for parts unknown, and is wandering the North amongst the green grasses as always. Jepson walked amongst the ashes for quite a while, but has finally moved on too, and is now spending his days with the coyotes in the June fog.

Although i may come by here every now and then to make a plant node, or to check my messages, my time here, for the most part, is over. I most likely will not make any major edits to my nodes, or produce anything here like i have before. If you have any comments, please feel free to e mail me, i have updated my e mail address. Also, i am on AIM as Inyo395.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my nodes, argued with me over various points, offered suggestions, and most of all, anyone who looked at the world any differently because of anything i wrote. I'm up in the hills somewhere still. That will not change.

If anyone has interest in my life still as of 2005, I have a website at . **********************************************************************


**************************************************************************** Jepson Vash looked out across the scorched earth, a parcel of black splattered into a brown hillside of dead grass. Here and there, a few stray wisps of smoke still rose from some old dead logs and a wooden fence which was crumbling into ash. Off to the south the remains of an old abandoned barn were still burning, belching black smoke into the air. At Jepson's feet, around him, the clumps of bunchgrass, some still hot to the touch, were already sending out little streamers of green, their roots already sinking into the rich ash. But the Medusahead and Star Thistle - they were gone.

Jepson whipped off the yellow hood cloaking his head and his red hair flared in the sun. He looked to his side and saw his companion, Daria Mononoke-Jackson, staring into the wind, her green hair flowing behind her like a jade waterfall.

Without a sound, Jepson touched her shoulder. She looked up and nodded. Together, without making a sound, they jumped onto their respective hovering boards and tore off into the smoky sunset.

Behind them, the bunchgrasses kept sending down their roots. The barn turned to dust. A deer poked her head out of the bushes at the edge of the burn, surveying the scorched land. Somehow she instinctively knew that come spring, the burnt area would be the greenest place around. To the west, streamers of cloud began dripping in, foretelling the first rain of the year.