In Software Engineering, The Waterfall a software lifecycle model where you progress linearily along the project phases in a manner similar to this:


You're theoretically supposed to enter the next phase only after you finish the previous one, as well as thoroughly document the deliverables of each one.

This makes for easy WBSes and Project Management, but doesn't usually work exactly well in real life, as requirements change mid-project, and schedule compression requires to begin testing or deploying an unfinished product.

This is somewhat resolved in the so called Salmon Waterfall where you can carefully return to the previous phase, and/or the Sashimi Waterfall, where the phases are permitted to overlap. Some say that such have been the original intentions of its proponents (Structured Design zealots, such as Wirth and Yourdon, I'd presume) in the first place.

The alternatives are Extreme Programming, spyral, prototyping and others.

Written from memory, but an extensive analysis of this is found in Wicked Problems, Righteous Solutions by DeGrace and Stahl.

In the merry old world of drug taking, Waterfalls are an easy and effective method of getting off your face whilst partaking in the fine art of dope smoking. This process is highly recommended if you are incapable of rolling a decent joint or you are without your favorite bong or pipe. Always do this over a sink as it can get quite messy otherwise.

1 big lump of hash
1 two litre plastic soda bottle
10cm x 10cm square of kitchen foil
1 kitchen sink
1 cigarette
1 lighter
1 sewing needle

Using a lit cigarette, melt a hole in the side of the soda bottle about as close to the bottom as you can get without going into the knobbly part. Take the kitchen foil and gently push it into the top of the bottle to a depth of about 1cm creating a bowl shape. Ensure that the bowl is not too difficult to remove once in place.

Next, take the sewing needly and gently perforate the foil about 20 times so that it resembles crude sieve. Do not perforate the foil too much or it will fall apart during the burn. You now have your basic setup.

Getting a friend to help, make him/her place a finger over the whole at the bottom of the bottle. Now fill the bottle with water so that the water is about 5cm from the bowl. Quickly crumble the desired amount of hash into the bowl, two or three joints worth should be sufficient. Get the lighter and begin burning the hash, ensuring the flame doesn't get too close to the sides of the bowl as this will melt the plastic underneath and fill the bottle with dirty fumes.

When the hash starts to smoulder, tell your friend to remove his/her finger from the side of the bottle. The water will now flow into the sink and as it exits the bottle it creates a vacuum. The resulting vacuum is then filled by the hash smoke as the bottle sucks air in from the top. You may need to keep the bowl lit depending on the quality of the hash but usually the airflow is enough to keep it ignited. When the bottle has emptied, you should have two litres of finely burnt Moroccan goodness in your hands.

Remove the bowl and inhale.

Some words of advice: Fun as this sounds it does tend to get one very very fucked, people have been known to hallucinate doing waterfalls and/or getting sick. Doing this while drunk is not advised either, you will most definately be having a long conversation with god on the bit white telephone before you know it. Be prepared.

Wa"ter*fall` (?), n.


A fall, or perpendicular descent, of the water of a river or stream, or a descent nearly perpendicular; a cascade; a cataract.

2. Hairdressing

An arrangement of a woman's back hair over a cushion or frame in some resemblance to a waterfall.

<-- = a fall? -->


A certain kind of neck scarf.

T. Hughes.


© Webster 1913.

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