A webcomic on Keenspot by Greg Dean. Done exclusively in Adobe Illustrator, so that not only is all the art clean, but Greg can easily insert characters into the daily strip without having to redraw every single time, and even reuse the same strip with different dialogue. The humor revolves around computers, gaming, RPGs (especially D&D), swords, and more. Also, Greg is known for occasionally breaking down the fourth wall (i.e. acting as the Voice of God and talking to the characters in the strip)

Greg - "Greg's part moron, part intellectual, part artist, and then another part moron. He's always hatching hare-brained schemes, but for some reason, they almost always end up working out for the best. Almost." This sums him up pretty well. Greg is also an Ultima and Final Fantasy addict, collects bigass swords, and happens to be the infamous Shirt Ninja.
Tony - The comic's evil genius, has engineering skills that put Macguyver to shame. He's come up with everything from a time machine to a fully-functional mech for himself, and has taken over the world on one occasion. In the comic, Tony is also the group's DM, and has a plethora of useful tools on his laptop to further his evilness during one of his many campaigns.
Dave - The prototypical computer geek. Instead of merely creating a gaming platform, his current computer, PAL, is a sentient being. To combat the Shirt Ninja, Dave will become DorkBoy, "defender of all that is geeky and just." Fun Fact: Dave's real-life alter-ego is a member of the US Army.
Adam - The stereotypical warez/MP3 hoarder. His computer once imploded because of too much media.
Liz - A huge anime fan and Greg's girlfriend (added as a result of that fact), Liz has also become addicted to UO as much as Greg is. She's also a cosplayer.
Debby - Tony's girlfriend, who hasn't appeared in a recent storyline. The two have battled, Tony in his Mech vs. Debby in Eva Unit-00, which God (Greg) gave to her on a whim.
Liz - Was added after a long interview process as a result of there being a lack of characters available (at the time, Adam had gone off to school and another character, Danny, was no longer appearing). Is into, well, pretty much all the stuff that everyone else in the strip is into, but she gets bonus points for being a girl.
Crystal - Appeared in the first year and a half of RLC. Was Greg's first SO, but they broke up in 2001, so she will most likely never be in the strip again.

Site/Source: www.reallifecomics.com

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