The best geek pick-up lines are ones displaying an almost complete naivete regarding beautiful people of the opposite sex, and your body's natural reaction to them. Hence, the following pick-up line...

  • You make me feel like there's something wrong with my pants.
  • And, well, if the person in question doesn't find this charming, it just shows that he or she is most likely well-adjusted, and has a good outlook on life.

    but seriously folks--some real life ones here:

    - Um, do you like sf movies? want to go, er, see The Matrix?
    - Nice .plan! Wanna talk?
    - Wuh-mon!
    - There's a gaming convention this weekend. I'm staff, I can get you in for free.
    - Check it out, I paid $55 for this $20 RPG manual at your gaming convention's charity auction. Let's go for Chinese food.

    Two of those are yours truly, one is my SO's, one is Torg's, one is some idiot on my system. I could think of more but they're too depressing, because geeky pick-up lines tend to suck more than the average {and that's REALLY saying something!). Few geeks, male or female, know how to flirt.
    Geeks don't need pickup lines. Geeks just need to talk. More times than not, whatever comes out of the mouth of said geek will be a lot more interesting anyway.

    Stuttering and good old-fashioned sincerity help also.

    I met my GF at an ekoostik hookah concert and I couldn't do anything besides gawk at her because she had the most radiant smile and was having a great time. I'd seen her taking pictures and laughing with friends so finally I just gathered the nerve to go talk to her. I asked her if I could see her camera and when she asked why I told her because she looked like she was having an awesome time and I wanted to get a picture of her. Not a pickup line -- just what I was thinking -- and it worked!

    Keep the faith geeks!

    Geeks generally find they communicate better in the digital world than they do in real life. Hence IRC is a far more common place to find a soul mate.
    Geeks (when they have an SO) are probably better not to talk too much, and instead learn to listen.
    This is a skill that geeks know well, as we earn our geekiness by listening and learning rather than by talking all the time.

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