wow, neat nodeshell!

When I did a search on "pickup line", tons of nodes turned up that were all variations on "bad pickup lines". I would like to share with the male population of Everything, the pickup line which always gets me.

My job consists of me sitting in a small office all day as a receptionist, people watching. I had seen this guy walking by my office a couple of times, and we started making eye-contact and smiling at each other when he passed. This went on for a few days - the occasional smile/wave.

Anyway, a few days later, I'm quietly reading in my quiet office, and the smiling guy comes in, and he says....

drum roll please...

"Hi. I thought I would come in and talk to you. My name's Jonathan."

OK. Why is this, or a variation on this, so great as a first line? A few reasons!

  • It's honest. I knew he wanted to talk to me, and he knew I wanted to talk to him. Why pretend it's anything else?
  • I instantly have respect for him. Although simple, like any pickup line, this takes guts to say. I am NOT good at pickups, and I want to be! (see 'fraidy cat.) He sets a good example.
  • It's non-threatening and doesn't scare me off. Almost all pickup lines are bound to fail just because they are pickup lines. This doesn't make me uncomfortable or like a piece of meat. This makes me feel interesting.

All in all, it was the perfect pickup session. It never amounted to anything, but let me tell you... he got a lot further than he would have if he had said "Hey baby, what's your sign?" His honest approach made me want to talk to him again.

Another first line that could be, if not great, at least, familiar to Everythingians:

"/msg hdboy I really liked your I am single again. I have been reading some of your nodes and I think it would be great to meet in R.L.
I also noticed that you cooled some of my more personal nodes...

Disclaimer: your mileage may vary

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