Lucky people who answer phones at companies and other organizations. Different from secretaries and administrative assistants in that the latter answer phones for people who consider themselves too important to bother with such minor things.

A person who sits at the entrance of corporate offices and greets visitors. Usually a pretty young woman whose looks are one reason for her employment at that post. First impressions are important.

It is a supremely boring job, according to the one we have now, because most of the time she reads "Elle" and other women's magazines. Occasionally she flashes a smile to incoming visitors while she beeps to the bosses for them to come out to greet them. She takes all incoming phone calls and redirects them to us. She also does the mail and food orders for us. She does her nails in most of her spare time and practices her smile in the rest. She's pretty cool, but she hates her job because it sucks (according to her).

Subject to constant stares of desire from the various engineers in the office, which she easily takes care of.

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