I am at work, trying to get some code working before I fall any further behind.

Out of the corner of my eye I notice some movement. I look and the name on my phone display has changed from "Art" to "Sta 307". From past experience, I know what this means.

Barely 30 seconds later, the phone rings. I pick it up and say "Hello?", knowing what I'm about to hear.

    "I'm looking for John..."
The phone system has stopped placing people in our automated assistant that allows them to dial an extension, or look one up. Instead, I get to answer the calls.

After the first rush is past, I run downstairs, because for the first time the PBX maintenance truck is outside. I tell the technician of my woes, and her eyes get wide.

It's been about 2 hours since then as I write this. It hasn't stopped. I am getting occasional calls from the tech trying to get it all to work. This prohibits me from being productive, because I have to be ready to redirect every single caller. If the person isn't at their desk, I then have to take down a written message because I do not have the page or the place caller in voice mail features on my phone. At least I get to practice an extremely professional, pleasant, phone voice.

When will the hurting stop?

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