Get Trashed in the Middle of Nowhere

Cascade, population 2, is in Butte County, California. It's a large wooded area, with one house and aproximately 10 cabins on the property, all owned by a local logging company. The attractions of Cascade are its cabins for rent, vast camping area, wild forested areas, horse and dirt bike trails, and most notoriously its very authentic wooden bar complete with hitching post. The drive up is also a draw, you wind through amazingly beautiful forest, spotting gorgeous waterfalls, the Feather River, and the lovely smells which accompany such things.

The road to Cascade is snowed in during most of the winter, or muddy as hell and impassable. The caretakers thus get cabin fever and throw parties during the spring and summer. They hire a band, buy a ton of beer, put adds out for a cook, and staple fliers up all over the county. Kick off is Memorial Day weekend, but any major holiday is likely to see a party. The drive up the mountains is about 50 miles from Oroville, California, which will take you about 1.5 hours if you are used to back roads. Or drive like speed racer. Bring your tent or motor home, the cabins were already rented out last year. You can buy food from the dumb-ass vendor who signed on to cook and not party (last year that would have been my brother and I) or you can bring your own. Basically the only rules here are no motor vehicles or horses on the green near the house, and no glass bottles near the bar. Anything else goes. Last year there was a 'who has the biggest balls contest'. Sadly, I was cooking. The music tends towards country, drinking songs, and Jimmy Buffet. But you can find lots of oversexed cowgirls, cowboys, bikers, and the occasional Clamper. But it's fun dancing, regardless the music, and luckily you don't have to know how to line dance.

Every time I go up, I feel rather sorry for the house in Cascade, it needs a lot of TLC, and instead it gets bubble gum and duct tape. The area is intensely beautiful. I'd pay big bucks to live there, but instead, we just go and party 5 - 6 times a summer.

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