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Dream Log: May 25, 2004
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stark raving mom


"I want to know, salt of the roads,
show me the spoon - architecture, let me
scratch at the stamens of stone with a little stick,
ascend the rungs of the air up to the void,
scrape the innards until I touch mankind."

May, 23rd, 2003: A Good Day
Cool Man Eddie says Hey, trybonun, Chiisuta just cooled your Inuit Story of Creation writeup, baby!

Cool Man Eddie says Hey, trybonun, sekicho just cooled your I'm pregnant writeup, baby!

256 says Re: Inuit Story of Creation - This is the most disturbing creation myth I have ever heard. Good work.

Cool Man Eddie says Hey, trybonun, SEF just cooled your Inuit Story of Creation writeup, baby!

Cool Man Eddie says Hey, trybonun, NinjaPenguin just cooled your I'm pregnant writeup, baby!

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One finger
beckons in front
of cervix
like angels
singing, "Stay.
Stay!" Hips sigh.
Parted. Deep
dusk breaths

"then, at that moment i fall in bed, alone, for you are miles away... at that moment... my only thought as my poisoned brain spirals towards the abyss, only then can i sleep. and when i do sleep... i fall asleep to be with you... i fall asleep to grasp what connection i can, in a dream a trance. all i want from sleep is you. i fall asleep ONLY to be with you.


Boy I did some crazy shit when I was a kid

Suffer from the occasional migraine?

Child, please forgive me. I never meant for this to happen. My heart tells me you'll be back, and I will make it all up to you then... so why does this still hurt so much? Why do you weigh in my mind, and why do I see your eyes wherever I go?

Why is it that nobody seems to see the fact that our lives are ticking away every day at speeds we can't imagine. Do you remember your childhood? Do you remember how quickly it passed you by? Today is passing just as quickly. And there is no stopping it.