“But listen to me; for one moment, quit being sad. Hear blessings dropping their blossoms around you" -Rumi

There are days when through the clamour of the world, there are pauses and harmonious chords reminding you of how wonderful it really is to be alive. The universe, at the centre of everything, is unruffled by all the racket, and God seems to have answered a few of those innermost silent longings you thought you had kept to yourself.


The shower is a waterfall, water falls on your burning shoulders like kisses from heaven.

In the midst of Turkey's traffic and cement, the greys and browns of citylife, you spot the flower vendor, a beaming old lady in a paisley headscarf, surrounded by singing reds, star-flecked purples, yellows cheery as sunshine.

You feel the flow of a song on the radio...and suddenly you are dancing, madly, joyously. You bounce over to a friend, and grab her arms--you two perform your own ridiculous version of a foxtrot before collapsing into giggles.

A very beautiful poem finds you one morning...and stays with you every morning afterwards.

Sipping a delicious frothy chai in moonlight.

A butterfly lands on your dress, fooled into thinking the painted flowers are real. You stand still until the promising aroma of a nearby garden carries it away.

As you bite into a succulent mango, your feet swing back and forth from the treetop. Passerbys stare up at you, but they are probably jealous. :)

One evening your hair complies, just when you absolutely needed it to. That night, people whisper of your beauty.

You leave your window open while studying various formulaic equations and other such nonsense. The rustling of palm trees lulls you to sleep, and you dream of tenderness.

Some stranger's photography rouses you from your stupour. After the exhibit, as you walk home, you notice the beautiful landscapes the sidewalk holds, and art is all around you.

Snowflakes melt on your tongue (is there anything more exquisite?)

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