A term once used to indicate a metal or ceramic basin kept in a kitchen and used for storing dirty cutlery and crockery.

Now more usually used to indicate the final member of a very large set. If a set contains the kitchen sink it is likely to be complete in every other respect. More usually a large but finite set is said to contain everything but the kitchen sink.

A ritualistic shot containing all the fun of a sorority mud wrestling mixer:

Shake ingredients in shaker half-filled with ice, pour into shots or, preferably, double shots.

The ritual part lies within the chant, which is a little fuzzy at the moment (thanks to heavy consumption of this very shot):

Examine shot. "It looks like Kool-Aid." Sniff shot. "It smells like Kool-Aid." Dip finger in shot and taste. "It tastes like Kool-Aid." Do shot. "But, brother, it ain't Kool-Aid!"
(thanks to donfreenut for leading me further down the dark path of cocktail making)
(this writeup in honor of Let Your Liver Do The Walking: An E2 Boston Hangover In The Works)

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