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A brand of rubber menstrual cup worn inside the vagina to catch menstrual discharges. Reusable, so it's much better for the environment than throwing away the piles of tampons or pads a woman can go through over time. However, I'm told that it's a real pain to remove without spilling.

complete product description available at http://www.eco-logique.com/p-keeperfaq.htm

In the Babylon 5 universe, a small tentacled creature that attaches itself to its victim's neck, permanently. It then burrows down into the spinal column, gaining control over its host that grows with time. The Drakh used these to control the Centauri Regent, and later Londo Mollari when he became Emperor. The only way to gain a few moments of freedom is by putting them to sleep with alcohol, but a Keeper's tolerance to it grows with time.

In the fictional sport of Quidditch, the Keeper is the player who defends their team's three goals to prevent any of the three opposing Chasers from putting the Quaffle through a goal and thereby scoring points. The Keeper is roughly equivalent to a hockey goalie.

A wave that strongly recirculates water upstream. The effect is one of 'keeping' whatever falls in it -- stick, picnic table, swimmer, boat.

Depending on the size of the keeper it may release large objects readily, but it's hard to tell until you're in it. Keepers are dangerous. Because of this they are sometimes called drowning machines. They occur most frequently below low head dams. They can be created by any sharp drop or large hole. If in doubt, stay out.

Keep"er (?), n.


One who, or that which, keeps; one who, or that which, holds or has possession of anything.


One who retains in custody; one who has the care of a prison and the charge of prisoners.


One who has the care, custody, or superintendence of anything; as, the keeper of a park, a pound, of sheep, of a gate, etc. ; the keeper of attached property; hence, one who saves from harm; a defender; a preserver.

The Lord is thy keeper. Ps. cxxi. 6.


One who remains or keeps in a place or position.

Discreet; chaste; keepers at home. Titus ii. 5.


A ring, strap, clamp, or any device for holding an object in place; as: (a) The box on a door jamb into which the bolt of a lock protrudes, when shot. (b) A ring serving to keep another ring on the finger. (c) A loop near the buckle of a strap to receive the end of the strap.


A fruit that keeps well; as, the Roxbury Russet is a good keeper.


Keeper of the forest O. Eng.Law, an officer who had the principal government of all things relating to the forest. -- Keeper of the great seal, a high officer of state, who has custody of the great seal. The office is now united with that of lord chancellor. [Eng.] -- Keeper of the King's conscience, the lord chancellor; -- a name given when the chancellor was an ecclesiastic. [Eng.] -- Keeper of the privy seal (styled also lord privy seal), a high officer of state, through whose hands pass all charters, pardons, etc., before they come to the great seal. He is a privy councillor, and was formerly called clerk of the privy seal. [Eng.] -- Keeper of a magnet, a piece of iron which connects the two poles, for the purpose of keeping the magnetic power undiminished; an armature.


© Webster 1913.

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