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tentacle n.

A covert pseudo, sense 1. An artificial identity created in cyberspace for nefarious and deceptive purposes. The implication is that a single person may have multiple tentacles. This term was originally floated in some paranoid ravings on the cypherpunks list (see cypherpunk), and adopted in a spirit of irony by other, saner members. It has since shown up, used seriously, in the documentation for some remailer software, and is now (1994) widely recognized on the net.

--Jargon File, autonoded by rescdsk.

The tentacles are sentient, triangle-shaped beings. They were first introduced in LucasFilm Games' classic adventure game, Maniac Mansion, and appeared again (with even more personality) in the sequel, Day of the Tentacle.

They are an experimental creation of the maniacal scientist Dr. Fred. Imagine cutting off the tentacle of an octopus, giving it an eye and a huge suction cup for feet, and have it walk around and talk.

Especially two tentacles are well-renowned to adventure game geeks around the globe: The evil genius, Purple Tentacle, and the punk-rocking but deeply sympathetic Green Tentacle.

Ten"ta*cle (?), n. [NL. tentaculum, from L. tentare to handle, feel: cf. F. tentacule. See Tempt.] Zool.

A more or less elongated process or organ, simple or branched, proceeding from the head or cephalic region of invertebrate animals, being either an organ of sense, prehension, or motion.

Tentacle sheath Zool., a sheathlike structure around the base of the tentacles of many mollusks.


© Webster 1913.

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