In the small world that is tentacle hentai, two factors always seem to remain constant: School girls and shape shifting tentacle monsters. In most cases (See also Urotsukidoji, Twin Dolls, Adventure Kid etc) There seems to be some strange relationship between the two. In most instances a school official (nurse, principal, girls basketball coach) will transmogrify from human form, and viciously assault any particular hapless school girl. Due to the frequency of such happenings, It has been suggested that some sort of pact exsists between the earth's two leading inter-dimensional/intergalactic providers of tentacle monsters and a majority of Japanese educational institutions. However none such alliance has ever been proven to exsist.

When approached for comment on the situation, the Overfiend, ruler of the interdimensional branch of tentacle monster distribution inc. merley replied "Graaaaah!" and seriously raped our female correspondent with his really big tentacles. The issue still remains unresolved to this day.

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