A medical-grade silicone, latex-free, reusable menstrual cup manufactured by Diva International, and an economical and environmentally-friendly way to manage menstrual discharge.

The Diva Cup works the same way as a Keeper: The menstruator folds, holds, and inserts the cup in the vagina, and then twists it slightly to ensure it remains in place. If inserted properly, leaks are unlikely, but users should be aware that bowel movements and orgasms may dislodge the cup slightly and cause leaks.

The cup can hold up to an ounce of blood, and the menstruator can empty it at hir convenience, at least every 12 hours. It can be worn during swimming, excercise, sex, or just about any form of physical activity.

If you’re interested in using menstrual cups but you’re not sure you’ll like the Keeper, you should consider the Diva Cup. The Diva Cup is made of a very pliable, soft form of silicone, and for novice menstrual cup users it may be easier to insert than the Keeper.

The other cool thing about it is since it’s made of silicone, it can be boiled and sterilized completely. If you’re unsatisfied with your Diva Cup, you could always disinfect it and give it to your sister, your friend or significant other of the female sex, or anyone else you think of that might want a slightly used, but perfectly clean, menstrual cup :o)

More and more menstruators of the “Menstruation is not just a bloody mess” persuasion are choosing to use menstrual cups as well as other alternative menstrual products such as lunapads, gladrags, keepers, and menstrual sponges for health, convenience, cost, environmental, and feminist reasons.

For more information on the politics, biology, and taboos associated with menstruation, see menstrual cups and menstruation. The Tampaction website found at http://www.seac.org/tampons/ also contains alot of interesting information about menstrual activism and alternative ways to celebrate “the curse”.

I've gotten a few messages concerning my use of gender-neutral pronouns in this writeup. Just trying to be trans-friendly. For example, transgendered individuals with female bodies might find this node useful.

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