Project mouse was a website operated by Erika Moen and Vera Brosgol as a small act of menstrual activism. The site featured standard disclaimers, warnings of nudity, dragons, and...menstrual content...

The bulk of the content was made up of drawings, paintings, digital images and other original artwork portraying tasteful "tampon nudes" submitted by like-minded, menstrually celebratory contributors. The art on the site came from amateur, professional and otherwise undiscovered artists, but all of it was honest. Bio-women of all sizes, backgrounds, ethnicities and lifestyles were represented. The only requirements being that they be portrayed nude, and displaying a visible tampon string.

The rest of the site included essays, journal entries, poetry by the maintainers and contributors about personal menstrual experiences. These ranged from poignant recounting of menarche to blunt and detailed exposes.

On a gtky note, this was a refuge, a semblance of solidarity for me during that icky time of the month, and it spurred me on a quest to talk loudly about menstruation, despite my attendance at a male-dominated technical university.

Sadly the ladies could no longer financially justify maintaining the site, and it was taken down in 2004.

C-Dawg asks what is up with the name "Project Mouse." So the deal is, the creators had the thought that a tampon string hanging out of a nude lady looked a little bit like a mousey-tail. Very simple.

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