"Yeah, I've got girl stuff going on. Anyway..."

"Girl Stuff? As in, you're on your period? The cramps are ruining your day? Etc.?"

"Um...yeah." She gives me a look like I've just grown a second head. "It's..."

"Yeah, that sucks..."

I am so used to (in my mind, unfortunately) blowing the minds of various women due to the fact that I have no problem talking about periods, feminine products, etc. I personally find that attitude that it's all icky and strange, and should not be talked about, rather barbaric, and belonging with those people who teach that genitals are things of the devil, and the like.

It's a normal, monthly thing that happens with all women between the onset of puberty and the occurence of menopause. If you're unwilling to talk about that much of your girlfriend/friend/significant other's life... then don't bother getting frustrated the next time that individual doesn't want anything to do with football, or discussions on the art of farting, etc.

It's pretty simple to me. I'm a curious science-minded sort of person. It's a natural function of the body that while described in a general sense is never gone into in detail and almost no one talks about. I don't have any so how am I going to find out otherwise? The amount of knowledge I've accumulated from my girlfriend in this respect is enormous. Sure it probably doesn't make much of a difference in my daily life, but it makes me significantly less ignorant than I used to be.

Likewise a woman's menstrual cycle has a massive effect on the hormone levels in their bodies and can have some telling effects on people in a variety of ways, sexual and not. If nothing else it certainly helps to have a good idea of your SO's cycle so you can try to make them feel better until it passes.

No need to be obvious though:

"Why'd you get me flowers?"
"Because you're having your period."

as it can tend to kill the romance.

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