ways men evaluate women

Women undoubtedly test men as an evaluation process. The systems and scales used vary wildly, and each woman seems to have her own list of questions.

Men are different. It has been claimed that men are motivated by their dicks or their stomachs. While this is UNDOUBTEDLY true, we CAN think along other lines. I have a few methods to evaluate a womans' personality. This is NOT a comprehensive list, and I'm sure there are better methods, but these work for me.

  • The Food Test
    The first "test" reveals the physicallity of a person. While at a restaurant, what does she order? Is it the most or least expensive? Is it a "low-fat" item, or does she order the Crab Alfredo? Does she eat most or all of her entree', or does she pick at it? In my own experience, people who enjoy their food are more comfortable in their own skin, and are generally more passionate. Watching someone derive pleasure from food gives an indication for their appetite for other earthy physical pleasures. Perhaps this explains the French.
  • The Pet Test
    Observe her around pets, or even small children. Pets are better because they are less threatening. Of course there are some caveats to remember. Allergies and or fears can skew the results, but as a whole, interactions with animals can indicate emotional openness and availability. It can also be used to observe how someone will treat their offspring. Generally, it shows someone with their guard down emotionally.
  • The Family Test
    Watch her around her father and brother. She will treat you in a similar fashion. Is she polite and kind, or is she short and demanding? Does she have a good relationship, or is it strained? Observing interaction with her mother is useful too, but I pay more attention to the father and brother.
  • The Book Test
    Several people have noded about evaluating women by their books. I don't have much to add other than this works pretty well for me. It lets you see what a person's interests include. Just remember that people read for MANY different reasons, and that a persons' book choices do not reflect ALL of their personality.
These simple "tests" are good beginning indicators of an individuals' personality. Remember that there is NO substitute for long aquaintance, and for simply asking questions. Time is the only way to really get to know someone, and whoever said that you don't know someone until you live with them was certainly speaking gospel.

NOTE: These tests can be applied to men equally well, with the possible exception of the food test...men just don't seem to order the grilled chicken salad with fat-free vinagrette as often!

Another test

  • The Car Door Test:
  • Take her out to your car, which is locked. Open her door for her. Slowly walk over to your door and see if she unlocks it for you.

Someone told me this was in a movie, and I suppose that's probably true. I heard it from a guy I knew in Orlando who used it as a go/no-go test on a first date. Now, you can't really go using it like that. It's just one stupid little test, and you need to give people a chance. But it's small things like this that show if the person cares about others, which matters a lot.

tetrisboy and Chiisuta inform me the movie is A Bronx Tale

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