How to properly advertise your nodes without being labeled a blatant nodevertiser

Note: If anyone has successfully done this, let me know because I have been labeled a blatant nodevertiser even though I didn't mean to be. I decided to write this node since what I do seems to have earned me that label.

Step 1
Begin by writing 4 or 5 meaningful nodes that everyone will enjoy reading and get +1 or +2 rep within a matter of minutes of writing them. Target your higher rep. earning nodes for nodevertising. Anything 3 or above should be targeted for nodevertising.

Step 2
As you begin to write more and more nodes, start making links to the nodes you have targeted for nodevertising in Step 1. This way when people read your newer nodes, no matter how good they are, most will automatically begin reading your linked nodes. This can be good for gaining more votes for the nodes you have targeted.

Step 3
Finally, when you can't think of anything better to do and aren't writing any new nodes, begin linking your nodes targeted in Step 1 in the Chatterbox. Make sure you incorporate the links in meaningful sentences.

<burnboy> Hey, Are you going to prom?.

This way, you can nodevertise (mostly) without being labeled a nodevertiser.

After completing these 3 Steps you will be on your way to being a Master Nodevertiser. I have followed these steps and I've already been labeled! You will be too with Nodevertising for Dummies©!

P.S. This is a joke. You will be bitch-slapped if you use this as a real guide.

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