It is generally accepted that the world, as a whole, is facing a whole bunch of problems. The human race, consisting of a finite number of people each with finite lifespans, just don't have the resources available to tackle all of the problems we're facing. To further complicate matters, countless different factions are running around with a huge range of differing opinions, making it even harder to find anywhere to begin to clean up our own mess.

Clearly, there's no way we can set to work on these tasks and still enjoy our fleeting lives. Right?

Well, yes and no. We may not be able to handle it all directly, but I see no reason why we couldn't have something else take care of the situation at hand, namely, artificial intelligence.

The evidence seems overwhelmingly strong that AI is achievable at some point in our future, granted we don't blow ourselves to oblivion first. Why waste time and effort, as a species, worrying our billions of collective minds about all sorts of problems which could be efficiently and decisively solved by an inherently more logical sentience?

Were I to one day wake up and find myself Hegemon, I'd like to think I'd immediately put into effect massive global campaigns of sweeping reform insofar as the allocation of technological research was concerned. If we redirected the trillions of dollars we're currently pouring into welfare plans and defense budgets to the development of sophisticated AI, I'll bet we could have one banged out by the end of the decade.

Then we could sit back and relax while it took care of all the menial intranational budget management and pesky international relations that make everybody walk around frustrated and unhappy.

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