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A war rages across the desolate landscape that is America Online. Two warriors square off on the scorched battlefield, carnage sprinkled liberally around them.

SuperNinjaDude42: Finally, you have chosen to face me! Now, once and for all, I shall prove my battle superiority!
DarkBoy16: Never! It is I who shall defeat you!
The warriors prepare for battle, drawing weapons and charging at each other.
SuperNinjaDude42: Feel the wrath of my katana whirlwind force attack!
DarkBoy16's warning level has been increased to 17%.
DarkBoy16: Very crafty! But no match for my magical wrist blade spin-slice maneuver!
You've been warned by DarkBoy16. Your warning level has increased from 20% to 45%.
SuperNinjaDude42: Oof! Yet I shall retaliate! Be vanquished with my fiery seeking arrow missile exploder! Take this!
DarkBoy16's warning level has been increased to 60%.
DarkBoy16: You have skills which could defeat me! But I am more prepared than you! Try to withstand my triple-spin full-out attack barrage!
You've been warned by DarkBoy16. Your warning level has increased from 45% to 65%.
SuperNinjaDude42: Ow! Suffer from my reverse-spinning backflip twist overhead kick!
Warning of 'DarkBoy16' is not allowed.
SuperNinjaDude42: What? I have missed! This is not possible!
DarkBoy16: Bwahaha! Your skills pale in comparison with my expertise! I shall teach you with my cunning underhanded claw attack!
You've been warned by DarkBoy16. Your warning level has increased from 65% to 90%.
SuperNinjaDude42: Augh! Ninja Warriors, attack!
Green18Ninja: Have at you, DarkBoy!
DarkBoy16: What?! There are more of you!
Green18Ninja: Flying two-sword electric burn attack!
DarkBoy16's warning level has been increased to 100%.
DarkBoy16: Alas, I have been vanquished!
SuperNinjaDude42: GreenNinja! We are victorious!
Green18Ninja: What do you mean, "we"? Activate robotic spider torpedos!
You've been warned by Green18Ninja. Your warning level has increased from 90% to 100%.
SuperNinjaDude42: I have been betrayed!
Green18Ninja: Muahaha! I am victorious!


  • The game is conducted using AOL Instant Messenger's warning feature. Every time you send a message to someone, they are able to then warn you. As your warning % is increased, you suffer damage, which will actually slow down your rate of message sending.
  • When you reach 100%, you are defeated. This is the anime-style of defeat, of course; incapacitated, but not dead.
  • Occasionally, reaching 100% will cause the AIM system to boot you. In this case, you are considered unconscious, or perhaps dead and in the process of reincarnation.
  • Warning damage heals slowly, but somewhat randomly. It averages somewhere around 5% per hour, even when you are not logged in. Lower warning percentages seem to heal faster.
  • Every attack must be prefaced with a description of the attack. This can be anything from anime-style kung fu stuff, or wacky cartoon gags, like Acme remote control nosepickers. The sillier, the better.
  • Ganging up is fine. Keep in mind, however, that you cannot warn someone who has not first sent you an instant message.
  • Generally, the system will only allow you to warn someone three or four times per hour. This can be sped up by logging in and back out, but unless everyone agrees to this ahead of time, this is considered cheating. If you get disconnected accidentally, back off and allow the other person to decide whether to reconnect (and thus regain attacks) or to wait until attacks are regained normally.
  • Multiple accounts are in poor taste. Recruit more players, instead.
  • Remember, a fight can always be ended by not sending any more messages.

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