DeadAIM is a software application written by a mysterious hero known only as JDennis.

One of the very worst things about AOL Instant Messenger (known also as AIM), in my opinion, is the advertisements. Naturally, there are other problems -- e.g., in version 4.7, the I-bar remains inside the text box of an away message window, even though one cannot actually edit the text -- but the rest of these ought to be noded in Damn your black heart, AOL Instant Messenger.

Back to the advertisements: I do not want to see them. JDennis, one of my heroes, eradicates the adverts with his DeadAIM. He renders the advertisements dead; understand?

In previous versions, DeadAIM.exe was a separate executable. To make the ads go away, one ran DeadAIM.exe, which, in doing what it did, ran AIM.exe with its (DeadAIM's) wrapper on top of it. Browsing, though, JDennis's website, I noticed that the latest version of DeadAIM, version 1.02, is now just an AIM plugin. In other words, one only has one executable running, and DeadAIM takes care of wrapping aim.exe from within aim.exe.

Either way, it is a very useful piece of code, and any one of you can download it from JDennis's website:

A reliable source tells me that DeadAIM now costs $5.00 to download. If this price seems outrageous, perhaps you could consider MyIM, a free program that may actually do a better job than DeadAIM of doing all the things DeadAIM says it does.

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