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I've seen a lot of porn in my life. I've watched magazines come and go, I've seen plenty of videos, and I've surfed more websites than I can count. When it comes to smut, I humbly consider myself an expert. And I can tell you without hesitating that I have never in my life seen anything as hot as ALS Scan. Simply put, these guys produce some of the most incredible porn I've ever seen.

ALS Scan was the creation of Alex, a webmaster and photographer whose vision, dedication, and sheer artistic talent have launched him to the top of the heap in the porn business. His basic approach is simple: he gets the hottest women to do some of the steamiest, sexiest, raunchiest acts you've ever seen.

How does he do it? In part it's because ALS Scan only does solo and lesbian pictorials--you'll never see a penis on the site. Guy-girl shots are the toughest for porn girls to do, because they tend to be the most degrading and wearing, so a guy-free site will attract more girls. There's always a female assistant at the photo shoots to help keep things in line. Then too, he pays thousands of dollars per photo shoot. No doubt that helps.

However he manages it, the girls are spectacular. With few exceptions, they have natural breasts that are a C-cup or less. Also--in a particularly nice touch--all the girls are totally shaved down there, meaning you get to see everything in perfect detail. Plus, there's no hint of stubble or razor burn, but the FAQ says that they won't reveal their secret. I adore almost all of them, but I do have a few favorites: check out Amber, Melissa-Ashley, Heidi, Jana, Kelly, Sarah Blake, Trisha Uptown, and Violet Blue.

They have plenty of softcore shots; models start out dressed in a variety of costumes ranging from schoolgirl outfits to barely-there thongs pulled tight between her gorgeous smooth folds. There are plenty of sexy poses, and all the close-ups you could want--they show it closed and spread wide, right-side-up and doggy style, and--in a rare but insightful choice--they often do close-ups while the girl is standing up straight, so you can see what her naughty bits look like when she's standing normally.

If that's not enough for you, check out the hardcore--and believe me, you'll find more than enough to satisfy your naughty desires. As I said before, you won't ever spot a schlong on ALS Scan, but the sheer volume and variety of other kinds of smut more than makes up for it. Take the beer-bottle penetration, an ALS Scan favorite. Now, when I tell you that a gorgeous young lass is going to slip a beer bottle into her nether regions, you might assume that she's going to insert it neck first. That's a reasonable assumption, but at ALS Scan, it'd be a wrong one. These girls insert the bottles WRONG END FIRST (I'd love to know what their lube budget is) and slowly work it in, all while giving you a luscious and sexy smile. Usually the bottles are clear glass--presumably they drink Corona or something similar--so you get to see every centimeter of perfect pink skin as it stretches around the bottle. They slip it in deeper and deeper, far deeper than you ever thought it would go, until it's in up to the neck and her inner lips slowly close around it. All of it is presented in crystal-clear, high-resolution pics that show every delicious detail.

And that's only a small part of it--ALS does a whole lot more. While I'm not a fan of the speculum pictures or the labia-stretching scenes, I absolutely adore the veggie penetrations, the double-ended dildo shots, the fabulous peeing pictures, and the incredible fisting shots. In fact, one of my favorite scenes is a three-girl fisting session, in which Trisha Uptown slips one hand into Zoe and the other one into Courtney, all while giving the camera a cheerful and innocent smile. It always makes me wonder just what it must feel like to slip your hand into a young girl's folds. It'd be warm and soft and moist, and you'd feel her stretching to let you in. Simply delightful, and hot as all hell.

Then there are the videos. For the most part, they're recordings of photo shoots, not actual porn videos. But that's better--you don't get all the noisy fake moaning, and you get to see a little bit of the models' real personality and hear Alex coaxing the girls to go wider and deeper and harder. Liv's lesbian vids are among the most realistic I've ever seen--they lick each other unabashedly, and they look like they're loving every minute.

Even with all this to offer, ALS Scan maintains a pretty reasonable price: $29.95 a month, or a little over $100 per year. Plus, unlike most sites, they offer an option of no recurring billing, so you won't end up with sneaky hidden charges. Better still, they donate a portion of each subscription to children's charities--in 2003 alone, they donated over $70,000, and they're looking to beat that goal this year. So you can get your rocks off to some of the best porn in the world and help a few kids along the way. Can it get any better than that?

If you've ever thought about nude modelling, ALS Scan looks like it'd be a great place to check out. They're one of the top sites in the industry, and they have a reputation for being friendly people who won't abuse or exploit you. Plus, they pay up to $300/hour, or $2500-$3500 for a complete photoshoot. If you're interested, they list their requirements and contact information at http://www.alsscan.com/bios/modeladv.html.

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