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A very popular televised jidai geki in Japan. Its main character is Tokugawa Yoshimune, the eighth Shogun in the Tokugawa Shogunate. Yoshimune was said to be a benevolent ruler who enacted many reforms. In the show depicts Yoshimune getting involved personally with the conflicts of the citizen of Edo (the capital city) - helping the "little" people from corrupt officials and greedy merchants.

In the show, Yoshimune pretends to be a rich playboy named "Shin-san," and hangs out with a group of civilian fire-fighters called Megumi. Only his old retainer back at the castle knows that Yoshimune does this regularly.

This show is fairly formulaic, although not as much as Mito Koumon. The signature scene is when Yoshimune 'reveals' his true identity to the bad guys before rebuking them for their wrong doing and kicking their ass in a sword fight. He says "yo no kao wo miwasure taka" which can be translated loosely as "do you not recognize my face?" (minus the honorific "yo" applied to himself) The bad guys immediately recognize who they're dealing with after he says this, but never before.

The star of this show, Ken Matsudaira, is an actual descendant of the Tokugawa clan.

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