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Abinadi (150 BC) was a prophet and a martyr. The Book of Mosiah, written by Alma (a converted eyewitness), records his ministry and execution, and describes the contrast between the righteous King Benjamin and the wicked King Noah.

Abinadi was part of a group of Nephites who had come to reclaim the city of Nephi and its temple from the Lamanites. He was sentenced to death for publicly criticizing King Noah, but he escaped and lived in exile for two years. He then returned to the city of Nephi in disguise and again denounced the king, and then pronounced a curse upon the unrepentant people. He was captured and tried for false prophecy and lying about the king. During the trial, however, he explained how his prophecies were not blasphemous, and Alma defended the truthfulness of his claims against the king. He was finally accused of reviling against the king and was sentenced to death by fire.

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