A Toronto electronics/computer store (full name is Above All Electronics but everyone calls it Above All) located on the north side of Bloor, just west of Bathurst. (near Honest Ed's) It's quite like the famed Active Surplus however is far better organized and has less of the just plain weird shit that Active Surplus has, more focused on pure computer components along with some electronics. I can't think of many other places where you can get small SCSI harddrives for instance. It was actually started up by a ex-Active Surplus employee who got fed up with the chaos.

If you want small non-cable related computer parts you'll probably find Above All is more likely to have the part in stock, unlike Active it has stuff like old soundcards, harddrives, motherboards w/ cpu etc. Active Surplus will sometimes have this sort of stuff but it's a real hit-and-miss affair.

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