If you have absolute power, you are immortal (you have the power to make yourself live as long as you like). Immortal has infinite lifespan, and infinite lifespan means infinite time to do anything. Since you have absolute power, you can do anything.

Result: You have done everything even remotely interesting to you, or, everything. Well, the second part takes infinite time so you'll never get bored, but I can be bored even while there would be many things I could do, it's just that I don't want to do them. So, you'd get bored pretty damn quick.

See Michael Moorcock's Dancers at the End of Time for a good example about this.

Absolute power means the power to completely control your emotions. No boredom because you can put yourself in a permanent state of euphoria (or whatever) which you'll never get tired of.

The Calvin and Hobbes cartoon from December 13, 1995 made a big impression on me. It's been on my wall since I cut it out of a newspaper that day.

First panel: Calvin is standing in front of a large pile of snowballs. He raises his arms triumphantly.

With 200 snowballs at my immediate disposal, I have no opposition! My will is law! I am omnipotent!

Second panel: Calvin stands there with his hands on his hips, staring straight ahead and grinning wickedly.

Third panel: Calvin's hands are behind his back. He's still looking ahead for any potential adversaries, but his face now bears a thoughtful, quizzical expression.

Fourth panel: Calvin turns toward the audience. Arms hanging straight down at his sides, he states candidly:

How boring.

Bill Watterson, the strip's author, retired at the end of that year. He was the acknowledged master of his art, but wise enough to know to look for new challenges.

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