Do Germans make World War movies?

Are dreams a portent of things to come? Are they an interpretation of things past? Or are they merely your mind going berserk in the silent shadows of the night?

If you stop feeding a dog, will it still wag its tail at you?

What if a flying saucer hovers in the sky in the precise moments that you tie your shoelaces everyday?

Do you like the sound of your footsteps?

What if you never meet the woman of your dreams?

If one has to pass wind in others’ company, which is better - to fart loudly but with no smell or to silently stink up the place?

If there were no advertising, would you stop buying overpriced shoes and cheap fizzy liquids?

If your country goes to war, will you readily murder as many human beings as you can?

Why pick a pretty woman who gets uglier by the year when you can pick a woman who will have great tits forever?

Is your life going the way you dreamed it would 10 years back?

Don’t you hate it when the movie hero finally unhooks the woman’s bra and cut, she’s wearing his shirt the next morning?

Why do you comb your hair the way you do?

Can avoiding the risk of annihilation be called peace?

If all a goldfish has to do is swim slowly in circles to get fed by you, who is smarter – you or the goldfish?

Does the colour of your toothbrush say anything about you, a spiritual being?

How many times must a dog bark at night before you shoot it?

When will they drop the next atom bomb? Wednesday?

Is your idea of fun still three night-clubs, three drinks and three friends?

Is it OK to booby-trap your doorbell between 2 and 4 in the afternoon?

Does the garbage-woman make theories about you by looking at your trash?

What do you say to a Iraqi woman who sobs, "You bastard Americans, you killed my baby boy"? What's the Government saying?

Do you laugh differently when you are alone than when you are with other people?


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