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The Abyssinian Lovebird (AKA the Black-Winged Lovebird) is a six to six-and-a-half-inch long lovebird native to the mountains of Eritrea and the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia.

Abyssinians are mostly green, with slight yellow tinting on their cheeks, and red beaks. The topside of their wings are green, but the undersides are black. Like the Red-faced and Gray-headed lovebirds, the Abyssinian is sexually dimorphic, with the females having a lighter colored beak, dark green on their backs, and no red markings or black on their wings.

They are common in the wild but uncommon as pets. The ones that are around are supposedly friendly and tolerate other species of birds better than the average lovebird, but (due to scarcity) they are also very expensive. They breed between April and September and prefer cold weather.

There are reports of mutations having been bred in (dark factors, fallows, and dilutes), but as of now pictures are unavailable and so reports should be taken with a grain of salt.

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