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There is somebody who I'm vaguely acquainted with -- an acquaintance of an acquaintance -- whose teenage child was killed in a car accident a few days ago. I felt vaguely compelled to find out how to get in touch with this person and convey my condolence for their loss. But after weighing it back and forth a bit, I decided that this would simply be me imposing myself into the grief of this person who I don't really know. I mean, I'd essentially need somebody to introduce me to them, and then explain in a non-stalkerly way that I was aware of their tragedy, and wanted to express my own feelings about it. For some reason, I couldn't help feeling that such an effort would be exploitative of the situation, as though I'd be taking advantage of that tragedy for the sake of validating my excellence as a human being.


Question of the day:
Where have all the old noders gone?

In node auditing news:

junkill is done. I wonder if he'll return to discover the relative flood of upvotes bestowed upon him.

jessicapierce is on page 3 of 11. This one is going to take some elbow grease, yep.

Blessings, all!!



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