There are times in which I detest the University that I attend. I currently find myself requiring only one class left to graduate, and get on with my life. My problem is, the class has to be an approved elective in the computer science department, and the department offers a grand total of zero approved computer science electives in the spring or summer term.

I really, really don't want to have to be here through next fall term to finish my degree with one class, so I'm trying my last hope, an independent study with a professor in the department.

This is the most base and degrading thing I have ever done in my academic career.

I am prostituting myself to the faculty of the department. I go to each professor, who always wants to know one thing. How can I help him with his research agenda? How can this particular monkey do some of his legwork to speed up some research project?

What attracted me to this large university, was the opportunities for learning and research that I thought a large college could provide. Unfortunately, the opportunites for research are the same things that attract professors to the same institution.

The faculty here is interested in research first, and the education of 50,000 students second. Heaven forbid that any professor here wants to work with a student unless it will promote his or her research agenda.

On the bright side, I spent a whole lot of money to prostitute myself too!

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