The phrase "act your age" is a common phrase in modern society yet seems to rarely be used today regardless of lyrics and cliché attempts to make it feel encroached by it. Being told to "act your age" implies two categorical requirements:

  1. There is a norm behavior for your age
  2. Your current behavior is not concurrent with that norm behavior

Normally it is also implied that the behavior currently displayed is the norm behavior of someone younger than you. The direct meaning also normally means you are acting immature and is regularly taken as offensive. Music thrives on these implications as well as many other venues of communication relying on the emotions stirred up by the line.

  • Music group "Act Your Age" is a local rock band near Rochester, New York. The band is comprised of Ian McLean, Kevin Riley, Ariel Cruz, and Brian Callahan.
  • In 1998 music group Home Grown released their album Act Your Age. Once again the root was angry "punk rockers" that didn't want to be called immature but use this phrase to seem oppressed. Titles on the album that help signify this include "Grow Up", "Piss Off", and "Wow, She Dumb".
  • Act Your Age is a nonfiction book by Nancy Lesko that explores adolescents growing up in today's society. The problems addressed include labeling of youths and a societal system that focuses on masculinity, citizenship, and majority race. (Published 2000 by RoutledgeFalmer)
  • Dr. Dale L. Anderson, M.D. released his book Never Act Your Age in 2004. His writings deal with humor for health and holistic medicine. He encourages method acting, laughing, and staying childlike.
  • Act Your Age is a geocache located near Seattle, Washington placed by lucyandrickie. This cache has logged well over 100 visits though it is a log only cache and must be signed with something smaller than a crayon. This cache was hidden in November of 2002 and is located at N 47 40.760 W 122 07.599 (WGS84).
  • Act Your Age was an instructional film from 1949 about acting mature in your teen years. This twelve minute black and white Coronet film covers acting calm and being mature coupled with good support music.
  • Alice, Dear, Please Act Your Age is a 2003 poem by Dominic Campbell.
  • "Act Your Age" was a 2002 ESPN piece on Little Leaguers having no sympathy for pouting major league ball players.
  • Act Your Age is a song by Snake River Conspiracy.
  • Act Your Age is a 2003 comedy film employed by some schools. This fifty minute piece emphasizes multiculturalism and is targeting at 8-12 year olds.
  • "Act your age" is the targeted society standard in Blink182's "What's My Age Again".

In closing: no, I'm "never going to act my age". Though either way the continued use of this modern phrase and furthermore the abuse of it to get a rise of people gallops valiantly on.

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