The Actionslacks are an indy rock/pop band which formed in California in 1994 and has subsequently gone through several member changes, retaining only its original drummer, Marty Kelly, and singer, Tim Scanlin. The current line-up is Kelly, Scanlin, Chuck Lindo at lead guitar, Ross Murray on bass, and Darice Bailey on keyboards. Their full LPs are:

Full Upright Position, 2004
The Scene's Out of Sight, 2001
One Word, 1998
Too Bright, Just Right, Good Night 1996

Full Upright Position owes its name to the amount of travel band members did to write the album -- the bassist lives in Oakland, the drummer in Maine, and the other band members in the Los Angeles area. While One Word is mostly heavy, angry rock numbers (also check out tracks 55 and 83), The Scene's Out of Sight is slower and more relaxed, though just as intense. The band's latest two releases were produced by J. Robbins on the Self-Starter Foundation label, which has put out CDs by Les Savy Fav, Karate, Enon, and Compound Red.

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