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Activision TV Games Video Game System

The Activision TV Games Video Game System is a soon to be released, all in one game console (Release set for late September 2001). Don't worry about not being able to afford this one. The suggested retail price is only $19.99 USD.

The entire system is housed in a modern looking joypad. There are no cartridges (all of the games are built in). This is a similar design to some of the more recent knock-off NES and Sega compatible systems (the controller plugs directly into the TV, this is not a GameBoy). The system is seems to be powered by batteries (no evidence of a power cord was seen). The system itself does hardware emulation of the Atari 2600. WIth all supported games stored in ROM memory.

Supported Games

My only question about this product is why were only 10 games included? Activision had a library of 50 games for the 2600 (and since then have ended up with the rights to even more of them). Activisions entire game library would fit into 1MB of rom with room to spare (including the 3rd party games that they now own). Are they planning on releasing multiple versions of this product (forcing collectors to buy all of them). The smart move would have been to include their entire game library and simply raise the price a little bit (I of course will still be buying one of these).

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