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Also Adrammelech, also Adramelek. Adramelech was one of the fallen angels. He and Asmadai were defeated in combat by Uriel and Raphael. When in heaven, he was one of the thrones, and after his fall became the eigth of the ten archdemons. According to The Messiah by Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, he is "the enemy of God, greater in malice, gulie, ambition, and mischief than Satan". He has been said to have manifested in many forms, including a mule, a peacock, a horse, a winged lion with the head of a bearded man, and a mule with peacock feathers.

Originally a throne angel, he is now the King of Fire, and a great minister of Beelzebub's Order of the Fly. When he appears it is in the form of a peacock or mule. He is the patron of hypocrisy.

from: Judeo-Christian Mythology

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