Uriel (whose name means fire of god) is supposedly an angel of, depending on where you look or who you ask, fire, the sun, or salvation, and is variously depicted as an archangel, cherub, or seraph. He was supposedly the angel who guarded the gates of Eden with a sword of flame. In Milton's Paradise Lost, Uriel is an angel of the sun who stands near god's throne and combats Satan.


In noncanonical literature one of the most important angels, described variously as an archangel, a seraph and a cherub. The name "Uriel" probably means "Fire of God" or "God is my light."

Uriel is portrayed as a stern and punishing angel. The prophet ENOCH said that he is head of the seven archangels and presides over Tartarus or Hell, where he pursues the punishment of sinners. According to the Apocalypse of St. Peter, this punishment consists of burning sinners in everlasting fire and hanging blasphemers by their tongues over unquenchable fires. On Judgement Day he will break the brazen gates of Hades and assemble all the souls before the Judgement Seat. He also served as a guide to Enoch on his trip through the layers of heavens.

As a cherub, Uriel is said to guard the Gate of Eden with a fiery sword in hand. The Book of Enoch describes him as the angel who "watches over thunder and terror." He also appears as a "benign angel" who attacks Moses for not observing the circumcision rite of his son, a role also credited to GABRIEL.

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