MICHAEL "who is like God?" (Hebrew). One of the four archangels in Hebrew tradition (along with Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel) and the only one identified as an archangel in the bible. In the Book of Revelations he is portrayed as the leader of heaven's armies, and thus he is considered the patron saint of soldiers. This was also the name of eight Byzantine emperors and a czar of Russia. A famous bearer of this name was Michael Faraday, a chemist and physicist who did important work in magnetism and electricity in the 19th century. Another famous bearer is basketball player Michael Jordan.

Nicknames and/or short form(s):
Mick Mickey Micky Mike Mikey Myke Maik

Alternate spelling(s):
Micael Mical Mychal Mykal

Alternate form(s):
Micha Michale Micheal Michelet Michiel Mitchell Mikael

Feminine form(s):
Michaela Mikaela

Basque form(s):

Czech form(s):

Danish form(s):

Dutch form(s):
Michel Mischa

French form(s):

Greek form(s):

Hungarian form(s):

Italian form(s):
Miche Michele

Norwegian form(s):

Polish form(s):

Romanian form(s):

Russian form(s):
Mikhail Miesha

Serbian form(s):

Spanish form(s):

Welsh form(s):
Meical Mihangel

Michael ranked first for choice of name for males born in the United States in 1998.

From www.kabalarians.com-
Your name of Michael gives you a clever mind, good business judgment, a sense of responsibility, and an appreciation of the finer things of life. You are serious-minded and not inclined to make light of things even in little ways, and in your younger years you had more mature interests than others your age. Home and family mean a great deal to you and it is natural that you should desire the security of a peaceful, settled home environment where you can enjoy the companionship of family and friends. Whatever you set out to accomplish you do your very best to complete in accordance with what you consider to be right. In the home you assume your responsibilities capably, having the self-confidence to form your own opinions and make your own decisions. Others can rely on you; once you have given your word you will do your utmost to fulfil a responsibility. However, there is a tendency to be a little too independent in your thinking and it is difficult for you to accept the help of others when you should. Due to your strong sense of responsibility, you could experience worry and mental turmoil through assuming more responsibility than you should. Friction could arise through others feeling that you were interfering with their rights and privileges, even though you are only trying to help.

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