Self-confidence is, quite obviously, confidence in one's self. This more usually translates, err, transitivly into a belief in one's capabilities. The "I think I can" thing.

I can climb Mt. McKinley, so I have confidence in my mountian climbing abilities.

In order to do something 'different', a highly developed sense of self-confidence is vital. After all, would you ever dare to go against the grain if you didn't believe that you could succeed?

In nigh a third of a century on this spinning wet rock, I am finally realizing that a modicum of self-confidence is nothing if not essential to efficient time management. If you have no self-confidence, then you end up second-guessing yourself. But then you have to second-guess your second guess. Und so weiter. Therefore, second-guessing is really infinite-guessing, and who has time for that?

One should have enough self-confidence to make a decision and feel free of overwhelming self-doubt, but not so much self-confidence that one makes decisions without thinking them through.

This public service announcement brought to you by the Committee to keep Wet Noodles out of my workplace.

Self`-con"fi*dence (?), n.

The quality or state of being self-confident; self-reliance.

A feeling of self-confidence which supported and sustained him. Beaconsfield.


© Webster 1913.

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