People who have truly fallen in love are often referred to as "blinded", "fools", or some other indication of stupidity, either temporarily or otherwise. I think its because the extremely good outlook they eminate is understandingly misunderstood.

See, it is a widely accepted fact that most 'intelligent' people have realized how fucked up things in their world generally are. They must therefore develop some twinge of cynicism, sarcasm, pessimism or other such ism in their attitude towards the world; this shared knowledge is unconsiously exchanged amoung 'intelligent' folk and is always detectable in them to some degree.

Those people who do not display such a quality are assumed by the others to be dim witted, and are regarded as such. However, finding true love makes everything in your world become okay, no matter how fucked up it was and still is. Those who don't believe this are unfortunate; what they see as blindness and stupidity is actually the most liberating, empowering, stress relieving, stimulating and wonderful thing that could possibly happen to two people.
I don't know if this is what most people would consider "true love", but I believe it is possible to love someone completely. This means loving their faults, and not wanting to "fix" them, as much as one loves their amazing qualities. It's a complete package.

When you find this rare love, sometimes it can end in a "relationship". Sometimes that relationship fails, due to something insignifcant, yet importent enough. That doesn't mean the love dies. Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone you love, is not be there in their immediate life. This can pass, othertimes it remains true. That love is still there, along with all the care and respect that goes along with the word.

For me, marriage is a vow to love someone, with all their flaws forever. It is a vow you make in front of what one regards as the highest authority. This doesn't mean you may be a couple forever. It means you vow to love them forever. There has been one man I could take this vow with, and be pretty confident I would be able to live up to the statement. He is someone who I doubt we would be partnered together in every day life with though.. sigh

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