Are you forgetting where we are here? The Internet allows people with common interests and common ideals to find each other much more easily, making it relatively easy to find a significant other. People who meet this way can not only play games together, but can also engage in meaningful conversation to learn more about each other (if the conversation is 100% pointless, then there's a good chance that this isn't the right person for you). Some such relationships even work out, leading to happy marriages. I feel this method of finding a mate is ideal for introverted geeks.

However, you have to be even more careful about Net relationships than you are about IRL ones. It's easy to project traits onto a person on the Net; I've even done this myself (though I've since learned my lesson). In addition, there is the off chance that the other person is one of those child molesters that the media like to report about so much. Verification of someone's identity through more accepted means of communication such as the phone is recommended should things get serious.

Oh, wait. You're talking about sex. Hmph. Leave the word love for what it's supposed to mean, guys...

This is a hard subject. I have been in situations, where my current love intrest had been living thousands of miles away. We met, and fell in love in the same areacode. We kept the relationship going by travelling frequently, and running up huge long distance bills. I have also been in the unfortunate situation of meeting, then "falling in love" when we were apart. That wasn't a good thing.

When you have a big physical absense, yet the emotional closeness it can fog your vision. It is easier to dismiss faults, those little nagging things that seems to often get in the way. It is also possible to build up your love to a point of impossibility. There reaches a point where even the most perfect person, can never compare to this perfect image in your mind. A lot of people can get hurt this way.

Nothing can match the reality of two people living their lives together. No matter how much you talk, and how honest you are. It has much less to do with dishonesty than just basic physics of it all. Nevermind how much can be "avoided", or "hidden" thousdands of miles away.

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