A type of call not within the local calling area. In the US any call that you need to dial a "1" before dialing except toll free or special toll calls. Generally calls to a different geographic area fall under this category.

Even calls within the same state can cost a fortune thanks to this scam. I can talk to people in Australia for hours on end without paying a single dime if I use the Internet, but if I make a phone call, I might as well sell my house. Someday, all communication will be mostly free, and this scam will be terminated.

Today I got a call from an old friend of mine I met in high school. Surprised that she even got my number in my new location I was eager to talk to her and find out what was going on. She had joined the Army and was going to be stationed near me and wanted to know how I was. I drew a blank at even the mere thought of the suggestion.

How does one tell a friend that they haven't seen in over 8 years how their life is in a single incident. "Oh, I'm fine," I told her. I guess I must of forgot that I had cancer. "How's the family?" she asks. "They're good," I respond. I must have forgot that my Aunt died and that my cousin was ostracized by the Uncle I'm living with. I guess that wasn't important as my parents splitting up about a year after we had met.

All in all it was strange. She made me reflect back on my life inversely as I had to try to remember the parts to tell her. I didn't mean to come off as I did, but the answers I gave her were as if I had met a complete stranger and gave the why-are-you-talking-to-me responses. She was my friend. Why was I being so closed? I guess the phone call was how I viewed most relationships I have and have always had, long distance. Just enough for them to be content and me to still have my security.

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