Capturing a lock of hair,
or a bit of cloth,
and you'll know I'm there.

But I won't stab you.
No, I shall be kind.
Gentle reminders
that you are mine.

I'm sending voodoo doll kisses
sending my wishes
kissing this doll instead of you.

All Magic begins with sympathy,
Remember this. There are shiny button eyes
That see. The stitched together mouth cries out.
And underneath the coat of red scrap velvet
A tiny heart beats out lub-dub, lub-dub.
And the sea cannot stop it with its rage and depth.

Sigils and symbols in cornmeal and ash
Call down spirits who dance and dissemble
And thread you to me with scarlet silk ribbons
I have tied in the hair made from yarn. Made to fall
Above shiny eyes that are buttons that see.
And the sea cannot stop it with its cold and breadth.

Ecsatatic-exhausted I call out to you
Through burlap and straw and yellow yarn hair.
The spirits descended and bound us together
To the deafening thumps of the catskin drum.
My mighty heart beats out: lub-dub, lub-dub!
And the sea cannot stop it.

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