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What do you think, you wanna go on the Himalaya? 

That’s Janie, we’re at the fair and we came to ride the Himalaya. And over there, that's Tony, eating a corn dog

Tony's wiping mustard off his mouth with the tail of his flannel shirt; Janie's saying, oh-my-god, how can you stand him. 

Janie is like a Barbie doll, a Barbie doll come alive; long blond hair and blue-green eyes, she is drop-dead gorgeous. Janie has lots of boyfriends, all drop-dead gorgeous too.

And I have Tony. With corn dog breath and mustard on his shirt. But he's sweet, and Tony's always there, and that's the three of us, pushing through the crowd, making our way toward the Himalaya. 

That’s the Himalaya, the fastest ride on the midway, and it's not moving. And that’s a carny guy, saying, Be ‘bout half an hour, go ride the Tilt-a-Whirl. 

What do you think, you wanna go on the Tilt-a-Whirl? 

That’s Janie, who knows I threw up the last time I rode the Tilt-a-Whirl. There's a tent, with a sign that reads, Moldaro the Human PincushionThat’s Jane, and me and Tony, going into the tent, and there's a bunch of people who probably wanted to ride the Himalaya. 

That’s Moldaro, the Human Pincushion guy, and he’s sticking steel pins through the top part of his ear lobes...and through his eyebrows, and through the back of his hands. And that’s some drunk guy in the crowd, yelling Faker… 

There’s Moldaro saying, To prove that I am indeed the genuine article… 

He's stretching his throat.

Sticking a steel pin through it.

Moldaro's looking at me, Miss, if you would, please, the steel pin wobbling with each word.

And there I am, pulling out the pin. 

That’s me, looking into the crowd for Jane and Tony. Still looking...I don't see either of them, anywhere...I'm walking through the fairgrounds, close to the petting zoo...

and there's Janie... 

and Tony...in an empty livestock pen, surprised and shaking sawdust from their hair. 

What do you think, you wanna still be friends? 

That’s Janie, we’re in the women’s restroom at the fairgrounds. 

That's me, telling Janie No. 

There I am, breaking up with Tony.

Nothing lasts forever; I'm on to you, Moldaro.

That's me with my hands in the air, on the Himalaya. 

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