Spell to know a man's heart

Gut a live parrot. Dry its heart and tongue. Powder the organs with a mortar and pestle. Add strands of the man's hair. Add a small amount of alcohol. The mixture should be a slightly moist paste. Make nine piles from the paste. Intone your given name and set the piles on fire one at a time. A green flame means he loves you, yellow he does not. No flame means he loves another.

Spell to know the name of a woman's lover

Collect a piece of her underwear. Write his name on it. Bury it nine feet underground and perform a funeral rite. Go to her house and knock on her door. When she answers the door, scream his name. If she cries, she is his lover. If she is angry, she is not.

Spell to cause death

Spoil vinegar, chicken hearts, and red pepper and put them in separate clay pots. Keep these pots in darkness. Curse them for nine mornings. Go to the victim's house and dig three deep holes in the ground beneath her bedroom window. Bury the jars upside down. Do not spill the contents, they must seep slowly into the earth. She will die.

Spell to cause posthumous indignity

Take a photograph of the victim's body soon after death. Display the photograph in a public place.

Spell to make a man love you

On a rainy day, arrange a meeting with him outside of a city. Collect rainwater in your cupped hands. He must drink this water from your hands. Return to the spot later and plant a small wooden crucifix. Ask Jesus to grant your favor.

Spell to make a man love you

Collect a fuel, a food, and a fertilizer. Wrap each in white cloths soaked in rainwater. Cook a meal over the fuel. Promise to feed him while you do. Mix the fertilizer with the soil and plant the seed of a green tree. Promise to nourish him while you do. Eat the food (and cloth). Promise to be strong for him while you do.

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